Westbourne Grammar

2013 Melbourne Water “Kids Teaching Kids” Conference

On 28 and 29 October, Westbourne Grammar students from Year 11 will participate in the 2013 Melbourne Water “Kids Teaching Kids” Conference at Etihad Stadium, along with students from 28 other schools across Victoria.

Kids Teaching Kids is a school-based education model that inspires young people to learn and care for their local environment. Kids Teaching Kids uses local environmental issues as a theme for learning. The Kids Teaching Kids Learning Model uses peer teaching and learning pedagogy, where the traditional role of teacher and student change. The teachers become the facilitators and the students are empowered to take responsibility for their own learning.

Westbourne students will be presenting “Keeping our Waters Clean”. This interactive workshop will investigate the science behind how the urban water cycle through stormwater run-off is impacting the seagrass community at Jaw Bone Marine Sanctuary, west of Melbourne.

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