Westbourne Grammar

Think like a Hero

Our new brand statement was received with great excitement and deep understanding by our students Prep-12 following the assemblies last week. My intention with this article is to encapsulate for parents the essence of the information conveyed to students and to provide some further information about our branding. When we started work on the articulation [...]

Speak with Conviction

I recently listened to a Radio National broadcast of Joe Gelonesi interviewing philosopher and writer, Rebecca Goldstein about “What would Plato make of the modern world?” Plato’s enduring habit was to ask a lot of questions about the human condition. Primarily concerned with wondering about “Why we matter” and “How to live a good life”, [...]

The House that Education Builds

At the start of a new term it is always a pleasure to see our friends, to swap stories, to resume games suspended for the break and to slip into the groove of lessons. We might also need to recalibrate our sense of purpose as school resumes and remember that managing our own learning is [...]

Tips for young workers starting a new job

The Fair Work Ombudsman has issued this very interesting media release for young people starting a new job, advising that they are now able to access a new online learning course with helpful tips and advice on employment issues that affect them. The interactive online course has been developed by the Fair Work Ombudsman to [...]

Curiosity killed the cat!

I think we all know this old cliché. It seems to me that it is a poor, if not destructive repost to our natural inquisitiveness, as its message is one of: – Don’t ask – Don’t experiment – Don’t create – Don’t think. Above all, don’t look under the bed. The origin of this particular [...]

Learning something new: Discovering the power of mindfulness

At the end of each academic year I invite students to use their summer break to learn one new thing. Staff are encouraged to participate, and we share our ‘one’ thing with each another. In a Senior School Assembly recently I shared my experience of learning something ‘new’ with students. Apart from enrolling in an [...]

Work hard. Be nice.

On behalf of the School Council and staff of Westbourne Grammar, I extend a very special and warm welcome to all families returning to Westbourne Grammar and, in particular, acknowledge those families and children who are new to our School. What a wonderful year it will be in 2014, for it is the Year of [...]

Learning that Matters

I was recently fortunate enough to take part in a study tour organised by Independent Schools Victoria in partnership with Harvard University‘s Educational Faculty. I have been working with colleagues from several diverse independent schools on a three year project called ‘Leading Learning That Matters’, led by Professor David Perkins and Dr Daniel Wilson from [...]

The Power of the Extended Project

Year 9 student, Sabriina Costa, has been writing and photographing a Sicilian cookbook dedicated to her family and, to enhance her project, emailed various international culinary photographers around the world, even Jamie Oliver’s official photographer. Sabriina eventually corresponded with Andrew Scrivani. Andrew was born and raised in New York City and is a New York [...]

2013 Melbourne Water “Kids Teaching Kids” Conference

On 28 and 29 October, Westbourne Grammar students from Year 11 will participate in the 2013 Melbourne Water “Kids Teaching Kids” Conference at Etihad Stadium, along with students from 28 other schools across Victoria. Kids Teaching Kids is a school-based education model that inspires young people to learn and care for their local environment. Kids [...]