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Visual Arts

Life Drawing

Life drawing is a co-curricular activity which is open to VCE students. Classes run weekly for three terms, and students attend classes to develop and extend their observational and expressive drawing skills. Within sessions, students are introduced to a variety of strategies and techniques in drawing, painting and sculpting the figure from life. Initially classes begin with short poses in which the aim is to capture the essence of a figure quickly and simply. After gaining confidence and developing skills, students further explore capturing the human body through a range of activities which focus on line, tone, form and spatial awareness. 

An exhibition of selected works from the classes is presented to the School community late in Term 3.


Photography Club

Photography Club is open to interested students in Years 10 to 12, in Terms 1 and 2. On Tuesday afternoons from 3.45pm to 5.00pm students learn about the workings of analogue and digital cameras, darkroom processing and digital manipulation. Classes focus on developing technical skills, visual awareness and taking effective photographs through the consideration of composition, lighting and aesthetic concerns.

The sessions culminate in an annual Photography Exhibition where Photography Club participants, alongside art and design students and staff, present their photographs to the wider School community.


Jewellery and Small Sculpture

Jewellery and Small Sculpture classes run on Wednesday afternoon for interested students in Years 7 and 8. Classes cover the basics of jewellery design and making. Students are introduced to a range of traditional and contemporary forming techniques in metal, wood and plastic. Specialist jewellery fabrication techniques such as sawing, filing, piercing, soldering, texturing and finishing are explored and developed in personal works.


The annual Jewellery and Small Sculpture Exhibition is held every year in early Term 3, showcasing the dynamic wearable and sculptural works created throughout the year.

Amanda Mitchell, Director of Visual Arts