Westbourne Grammar | Community


Westbourne is more than just a school; it is a community. We pride ourselves on the strength of the relationships between the various parts of the School family, from staff, students and families to Alumni, past staff and the local community.

We know that a strong and successful school understands the significance of its history; it understands that positive culture is built over many decades. Our School was founded by local citizens, dedicated to the idea of building a high quality educational institution serving their community. Almost 150 years later, the School community is no less committed to that ideal. We pride ourselves on melding the experience and identity gained over those one and a half centuries, with a clear focus on our future growth and development.

Vitally, success cannot be guaranteed with only the support of those connected with the School today. A successful school draws upon the wisdom of its Alumni. Over many years we have invested in drawing on the experience of our past staff, students and their families, encouraging them to maintain a lifelong relationship with the School.

Fundamentally, this is a School at the heart of its community. We work with all those who have a stake in Westbourne, past and present, to build a school which understands where it has come from and, most importantly, where it is headed.