Westbourne Grammar | Kampuchea House, Cambodia

Kampuchea House, Cambodia

Westbourne Grammar School believes strongly in the value of ‘community’ and has chosen Kampuchea House, an orphanage in Cambodia, as the focus for our International Community Service efforts.

Each year for the past eight years, our School’s fundraising efforts have concentrated on raising funds for Kampuchea House, an extremely worthy organisation in Cambodia. In addition to this financial support, we continue to raise awareness around the need to help others in less privileged situations by sending a small and revolving contingent (comprising one staff member and two student leaders) on an annual trip to visit Kampuchea House.

The aim of the annual trip is to provide members of our School community with the opportunity to experience first-hand the work of the orphanage, and then to return to Westbourne Grammar with the knowledge and understanding to communicate the reality of the situation in Cambodia. This in turn, continues to encourage our fundraising and awareness-raising endeavours.

For further information regarding the inspirational work of Kampuchea House, please visit their website or email Ms Belinda Lightfoot, Vice-President, Kampuchea House (Australia) Inc. belinda@kampucheahouse.org