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Amici - Westbourne Early Learning Centre 

Amici - Westbourne Early Learning Centre offers long day care for children from the age of six weeks up to five years.

We pride ourselves in:

  • providing an environment in which children can be happy, safe and secure;
  • providing a place where children are supported to take their first steps in their journey of
    discovery and learning;
  • keeping up-to-date with current Early Childhood Practices allowing our staff to offer new innovative ideas as well as providing best quality practices.

Our educators create an environment where children and their families feel welcome, nurtured and valued as members of our community. Together, we work as a team to accommodate the needs of every child and family.

Early Childhood Program

The Centre provides an emergent curriculum as our source of programming.

The emergent curriculum is an interest-based program provided in a flexible environment that fosters and promotes children’s learning through play. It is designed to take into account children’s strengths and interests, both as individuals and as a group. Staff observe and identify the children’s interests and provide resources and opportunities for the children to explore, discover, imagine, investigate and make choices. This allows the children to extend their curiosity in the observed interests, supporting the development of their social, emotional, personal, aesthetic, physical and cognitive skills, enabling the children to be active participants in directing their own learning at their own pace.

The emergent curriculum also stimulates and encourages children’s love of learning, thereby building the foundations needed for learning throughout life.

The Kindergarten

The Centre is funded by the Victorian Government to provide a Kindergarten Program. The Kindergarten Program is integrated into the long day care service and is planned and delivered by a qualified Early Childhood Teacher.

The Kindergarten Program continues providing the emergent curriculum, supporting the children’s development in life skills, enabling the children to develop and attain the appropriate skills needed for school readiness.

The Environment

Each room has been planned with the developmental needs of the age group in mind. Indoor and outdoor experiences are provided to allow the children to choose and explore the environment as they feel.

Play spaces are designed so that children can play alone or in small groups. There are noisy, messy spaces as well as quiet calm spaces.

Open Communication

The staff pride themselves on their openness to share information, observations and ideas with parents and families. Families are invited to participate in the Centre’s programs both directly and indirectly.

Records of the children’s development are maintained and available to parents. There are also on-going displays of the children’s work.

Part of Education for Life

Amici - Westbourne Early Learning Centre provides an excellent beginning for each child’s education for life, offering the highest quality care to the youngest members of the Westbourne Community. The children enjoy being part of the wider School body and feel a sense of ownership and belonging in our Centre.

You can download an application form for Amici - Westbourne Early Learning Centre here. Alternatively, further enquiries can be made about the Centre and the service it provides by calling the Centre Director on 03 9731 9484.