Westbourne Grammar | House System


Increasingly, the measure of success once students leave school, is their ability to forge meaningful personal relationships, to be honest, to have a strong sense of who they are and a moral framework to navigate an increasingly complex world.

Our School has a range of successful approaches to developing a sense of responsibility in its students.

The House system fosters good relationships with both peers and students at all levels of the School, and also provides a huge variety of activities geared to foster leadership, teamwork and the setting of individual challenges and goals. Students have a network of staff and older students within their House from whom to seek support, mentoring and advice. As students remain in the same House for the duration of their time in the Senior School, House staff get to know them and their families closely. They carefully monitor the academic, social and personal development of all students in their care. There are also two School Counsellors, a School Nurse and a Chaplain who provide extra support for our students. 

Students also participate in a pastoral care program integrated into the curriculum in Terms 2 and 3. The specific programs for each level are presented by Westbourne staff, visiting speakers, theatre groups and other skilled professionals. The pastoral care program addresses issues such as bullying, risk taking, drug and sex education and other areas of social and personal development. The program is reviewed each year and kept relevant, practical and current.