Westbourne Grammar | Restorative Practice


Restorative Practice involves the building of positive relationships and establishing a supportive environment that is fair, consistent and democratic. The underlying principle is that relationships are important, and when a harmful or disruptive incident occurs the focus is on the harm caused to the relationship and the subsequent repairing of that harm.

Learning and teaching is a social experience. We can no longer separate “curriculum” from “wellbeing”. Our responsibility is to teach our young people how to be citizens of the world and to be life-long learners. Schools working toward a restorative approach focus on:

  • relationships
  • giving voice to the person(s) harmed and allowing an opportunity for their needs to be met
  • giving voice to the person(s) who caused the harm and allowing an opportunity to make amends
  • engaging in collaborative problem-solving – allowing all those affected to be engaged in the process
  • enhancing responsibility
  • empowering change and growth through acknowledging responsibility

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