Westbourne Grammar | Staff

Teaching Staff

Westbourne teachers are dynamic, expert practitioners. They adapt to the changing educational landscape without losing focus on the needs of the student. They believe in maximising learning opportunities for all by offering varied approaches tailored to individual needs and talents.

Our teachers understand that each student deserves an enriching and challenging educational experience and, as a result, they develop interesting and engaging learning environments. Teachers at Westbourne strive to extend and refine the skills and knowledge of all of our students with a diverse curriculum. Students are provided with timely feedback, much of which is produced and published online. Westbourne teachers appreciate the impact this feedback has on the development of our students. Parents are able to access this feedback as soon as it is available to students. This process reinforces the strong sense of shared responsibility for learning between the School, the student and their family.

Our dedicated team of professionals realise the importance of understanding and learning from best practice. Staff collaborate as part of their own professional development. This process of sharing and evaluating helps to maximise the quality of learning on offer to our students, and ensures that every student benefits from an excellent experience, no matter who they are taught by. Our staff do not work in isolation. As a community, we strive for the very best from all, be they students, teachers or parents.

Our ultimate goal is to produce learners who are prepared for the future. We aim to impart an inquisitive mind and the endurance and courage needed to succeed in an increasingly competitive world. Everyone at Westbourne strives to produce the innovators, entrepreneurs and leaders of the future.