Westbourne Grammar | Year 9 Program


The Big Picture

The Year 9 Imagine Program derives from a study of best practice in middle school education worldwide. It values student-centred inquiry and differentiated challenge for personal academic and social best. The program is based on the belief that teenagers have the capacity to rigorously and passionately explore learning themes and relationships with others. In smaller groups, with personalised guidance, students develop skills and understandings to the highest level. Students are intellectually challenged and learn about themselves as learners. They are expected to identify opportunities and to initiate. They are expected to seize and share responsibilities which shape their living and learning in communities.

Our Year 9 Imagine Program will graduate students who are knowledgeable, resilient, interdependent and collaborative, thinking deeply and acting responsibly to create and meaningfully contribute to future learning, the lives of others and their world. 


The Year 9 Imagine Program targets excellence in academic achievement and personal growth. The Year 9 Imagine Program aims to:

  • Extend an intrinsic interest in learning and motivation to learn through scaffolded learning experiences and authentic assessment tasks, including challenge and choice
  • Develop and explore skills, knowledge, understandings and dispositions necessary for success in and across units, subjects and learning beyond the formal curriculum
  • Develop a range of high-level 21st century communication skills for authentic audiences
  • Develop metacognition by understanding and practising research-based thinking processes that positively impact on learning
  • Develop the habit of deeper, sustained and creative thinking for effective initiatives, considered, timely and enterprising action
  • Develop and practise organisational, management and leadership skills
  • Understand, manage and care for personal health, community and shared environments
  • Value personal best, resilience and appropriate deliberation through considered goal setting and evaluation
  • Value problem-finding and problem-solving for effective, influential, creative and practical solutions


The Year 9 Imagine Program Delivers:

  • An academically rigorous program that extends students beyond National Curriculum standards
  • Development of independent learning skills toward authentic assessment purposes
  • Development of confident, effective 21st century communication skills
  • Higher order thinking skills; purposeful critical and creative thinking
  • Skills and practice in organisation and collaboration
  • Personalised challenge and support
  • Leadership opportunities, personal and shared responsibilities in a community context
  • Assessment for Learning; visible teaching, formative assessment, timely feedback including correction and revised challenge
  • Sustained transition programs for students entering and exiting Year 9


If you have any questions about the Year 9 Imagine Program, please contact Mr Dennis Nowak, Director, Year 9 Imagine Program: nowak.dennis@westbourne.vic.edu.au or 9731 9465