100 Days of Learning
26 July 2018


All of the Prep students at Williamstown had a fabulous time during our 100 Days of School celebration on Tuesday 24 July.

Many parents and family attended the event to enjoy some creative construction challenges with their children. It was inspiring to see the wonderful creations students were able to build using exactly one hundred specific materials.

Each group incorporated a different material and the results were incredible! The students demonstrated an amazing variety of ideas and strategies within their project groups.

In the process of this activity, the children were developing cooperation, team work, creativity and problem-solving skills.

It was lovely to see so many of the parents participating enthusiastically and having a lot of fun with their children. We thank you for your interest and involvement.

After one hundred days of school our Preps are well settled, developing positive friendships and doing a terrific job with their learning! We are all excited to see what they can achieve throughout the rest of this special year of school.

Meg Collyer


On Tuesday 24 July, the Prep children celebrated their 100th day of school. We have been counting down since the first day of school and it was very exciting to finally reach the 100th day. We invited in our parents to help celebrate and all spent the morning learning about the number 100. We brought in 100 things to count, built towers with 100 cups and thought about what we might look like at 100 years old. It was a great way to extend our thinking about numbers and make connections between the number 100 and other numbers that we know. We finished off the celebration with a delicious morning tea.

It was a fantastic celebration of learning and we look forward to new discoveries in our next 100 days at school!

Kate van Noordan – Prep Teacher