Celebrating Thrass Chart Day
21 June 2018

Everyone at the Williamstown Campus had a fabulous day on Friday 8 June. We all came to school dressed as characters from our Thrass chart. We had fun selecting our Thrass chart word and sharing our creative costumes with our school friends. We raised a total of $224.10 to donate to our charity Kampuchea House.


I dressed up as a doctor. In the future I want to be a doctor because I want to know about the human body and how all our body parts work. – Anjali Revankar 2G

I came as a queen representing ‘q’ and I wore a crown and some long pink gloves. – Mariana Ingham 2H

My Thrass word was ‘a’ as in banana. I wore a yellow suit and I was holding a banana. – Xavier Marinovic 2H

My Thrass word was ‘y’ for yawn. I kept yawning all day in my pyjamas. – Tex Graham 2G

Attending school on the day were soccer and footy players with their ‘ball’, students in their pyjamas ready for ‘bed’, master chefs, teachers, kings and queens. We had cats, dogs, pandas and tigers, rabbits and birds and even a tap. Some students even came as the word ‘me’. We loved celebrating Thrass Day at school.

Report prepared by Mrs Grech and the Williamstown Social Service Team