Da Vinci Decathlon
7 June 2018

Da Vinci Decathlon was a fantastic opportunity for a group of twenty four Year 7 students to work in teams of eight and try things out of our comfort zone, not knowing what to expect. Da Vinci is an academic tournament where students compete against other schools to win the right to represent their region, state and then country.  We had 3 separate rounds on the day, where we competed in 10 different disciplines including, ideation, Maths, English, Art and Poetry, Cartography, Creative producers, General Knowledge, Science, Engineering and Code Breaking.

We all sat in teams and worked together to try and solve all our challenges. We were all nervous and excited going into the first round. All the challenges were difficult, but we learned to listen and cooperate with each other. The day went by extremely quickly and soon it came to the presentation ceremony. They announced the winners of each discipline first, with Westbourne’s team 1 getting a second in general knowledge, team 2 gaining a first in engineering, second in Art and poetry and third in Science and team 3 scored second in Code breaking and third in general knowledge and English. The overall score was next. Westbourne managed to get the team 2 in the top 3. We came third which we were all so proud of. Overall da Vinci was a wonderful experience and we recommend it to all year 7’s next year.

Arush Jhunjhunwala and Jasmine Thompson