Exhibitions of Learning in The Verdon Centre – Years 3 and 4
29 November 2018

It has certainly been a very busy time of the year. In the Verdon Centre, the Year 3 and 4 students showcased their learning at two separate exhibitions, well attended by parents.

The Year 4 students passionately presented their learning about various global crisis issues. These ranged from plastic waste to ‘e-waste’. Each student provided an outline of their concerns and offered possible ideas on how we can minimise our impact on the environment. Indeed, parents were signing up, pledging to walk more and waste less! The effective visual displays and the students creation of a ‘Wix’ website enabled the audience to gain a good understanding of not only each topic but also the learning that was gained through this unit of inquiry.

The Year 3 students showcased their learning in the area of Biological Science. They explained and showcased the lifecycles of various animals and how livings things are dependent on one another. Through ‘Prezi’, students were able to highlight parts of the research process undertaken, as well as provide their audience with an interesting way to gain information through this simple but effective media presentation style. The students reflected……

One of my highlights was when I got to stand up and speak to the parents about what we learnt about this term. I got to tell the parents how hard we have been working. I felt confident to speak in public.   Riyaan Sharma 3K

I think at the start, when we did our musical performances, it was really good because it engaged the parents and got their attention.  Revika Kukreja 3M

I liked presenting to my mum because when I told her everything she was shocked. I told my mum I was confused at the start, but she was amazed when she saw how much I had learnt. Mia Aprikidis (3D)

Both presentations commenced with musical performances. Our choirs in Years 3 and 4 performed, and our Year 3 students presented an interesting musical piece demonstrating the importance of collaboration. The Art Exhibition also offered parents a chance to look at the development of the students’ artistic skills from Year 3 to Year 6. The skillfully drawn pieces of native plants and the carefully sculpted clay boats were a few examples of the beautiful items on display.

Nicole Armatas – Head of Verdon Centre, Years 3-6