Westbourne Grammar

Expanded Chinese Course


Introduction of a New Subject - Chinese Language, Culture and Society

For some time, Westbourne Grammar has been involved in the development of an important new VCAA subject - Chinese Language, Culture and Society.

The introduction of an expanded Chinese course is in response to increasing demands from the education sector and, as such, the new subject has been specifically designed to incorporate an equal balance between the study of language and the study of culture and society. In practice this will mean fifty percent assessment for language and fifty percent for the culture and society component. With the same scaling as Chinese as a Second Language (CSL), the ne w subject will attract up to 12 extra marks (eg 30 will become 42), making it VCAA’s second most generous subject after Latin.

In addition to a potential boost to an ATAR score, the easy entrance requirements mean that students have the option of picking up this subject as a Year 9 elective and continuing with it to VCE.  Further, starting this subject at Year 9 provides students with a great foundation to achieve more in VCE in a range of other subjects. For example, Chinese is a meaning/picture-based language which, in order to write and read the characters, requires cooperation between left and right brain hemispheres.

Not only does the Chinese language component of this new subject promote brain development, the study of Chinese culture and society will contribute to the expansion of knowledge and accelerate progress in related subjects such as history, economics, geography, global politics and legal studies. Equipping our students with an understanding of Chinese culture and society, as well as re-applying this learning to other areas of the curriculum, is an important element of the current Asian cross-curriculum priority.  

Designed to strengthen Westbourne Grammar’s language program, the introduction of this new subject at Year 9 in 2017 will significantly enrich the learning program in the senior years, strengthen VCE choices and enhance student thinking around career choices.

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