Experiencing Japan’s Cultures
1 November 2018

On Wednesday Winjeel and Verdon Centres were entertained by Toshi Sakamoto playing the Taiko drums, Noriko Tadano playing the Shamisen and Gary Oliver performing Kendo.  Showko-san then performed the Japanese form of “Sit down Comedy” for the Winjeel staff and students. Meanwhile at Verdon Year 3 were involved with learning about Manga drawing, Year 4 were having Taiko workshops, Year 5 with Shamisen and Japanese Dance workshops and Year 6 learning some of the skills involved with the martial art of Kendo. The students were all involved and enjoyed the experiences related to Japanese Culture.

On Thursday the students at the Williamstown campus were involved in a taiko drumming performance and several workshops with Toshi Sakamoto. As well as this all students participated in Shodo ( Japanese brush calligraphy ) workshops with Miho Araki producing some amazing results. Once again all students had a great experience.

All presenters commented on how they enjoy coming to Westbourne Junior School as the children responded well to the activities and displayed fantastic manners.

Gary Barty – Primary Teacher