Grandparents Morning at the Williamstown
7 June 2018

‘A grandparent is someone who has ears that truly listen, arms that always hold, love that’s never ending and a heart made of gold.’

The Williamstown campus was abuzz on Friday morning, May 18, when our grandparents and special friends came to visit. After a warm welcome by our children and an inspiring picture PowerPoint by the Preps, the grandparents were very keen to take part in the activities that were planned by the teachers. The look of absolute joy on our children’s faces when they saw their grandparents in the school grounds was priceless. Our children were very excited to see their grandparents sharing the same learning spaces with them.


Sophie Hurn from 1S said that it was fun to play games with my grandparents. ‘They make me laugh and I love them a lot.’

Heidi Meier from 2H mentioned that she loved her grandparents because they are helpful. ‘Whenever I read to them they always enjoy it. My grandma and grandpa travelled from Brisbane just for me.’

‘They always care for me. When I say something funny they always laugh, which makes me laugh’. Lochlain Imrie, 2H,  proudly said.

The Loveland grandparents said that it was an absolute pleasure to see the school in action. ‘We travelled from Tassie to see our boys and we will be travelling back this afternoon.’

On behalf of all the children, we would like to thank the grandparents for joining us for a very special morning.

Mario Chrisanthou – Acting Head of Campus, Williamstown