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Melbourne University Excursion for International Students


International Student Excursion

On Wednesday 27 July, the Year 11 international students went on an excursion to Melbourne University.

This was such a great opportunity for the international students as we were able to observe and get a better understanding about university life in Australia. The Melbourne University staff were very helpful and friendly, so we did not hesitate to show our curiosity by asking lots of questions.

On the day, we got the chance to go on a tour around Melbourne University. Moreover, we were also offered the opportunity to experience the teaching style in university by attending lectures on the topics of agriculture and biology. The students found the biology lecture particularly interesting and entertaining. We got to see the professor’s trained sniffer dog smelling and interacting with us, showing how the structures of animal and human noses work! The highlight was when the dog came to the audience to uncover the special item that had been hidden underneath one of the seats. I particularly found this fascinating, and it also made me realise how much knowledge and excitement we could gain through only a single lecture. Beside all that, we had the chance to meet other international students from different high schools. We also got the opportunity to listen to some of the current international students in Melbourne University, who were willing to share their personal stories and tips of how they achieved their success at school.

This excursion left us with lots of thoughts about what we want to do after high school in order to help us pursue a future career that we will love.

On behalf of all the international students, I would like to thank Ms Williams and Mr Long for accompanying us on the excursion. I would also like to thank the staff at Melbourne University as well as Westbourne Grammar School for providing us with this wonderful opportunity.

Yichao (Frank) Yao (11P)  

International Uni Visit

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