Mental Health Week – Year 8
18 October 2018

Last Tuesday on the 9  October, it was mental health week and the Year 7’s and 8’s where we had two special guest speakers, one for the boys and one for the girls. The girls were very lucky to have a former Olympian and current WAFL player, Georgie Parker. Georgie Parker spoke about her time as a Hockeyroo and now as a Collingwood AFLW player. She spoke about her ‘journey’ and shared some very valuable knowledge with the girls. She spoke about her darkest times and pushing through it, she told us about how important it is to talk with people you trust so that you don’t have as much weight on your shoulders. Georgie also talked about an important mindset when playing sport, be in the moment, don’t think about what happened 5 minutes ago or what could happen 5 minutes from now because the most important thing is what you are doing at that very moment.

This advice led Georgie and the Hockeyroos into the grand final for the Olympics. Georgie’s speech was inspirational. She spoke about her wanting to play AFL since she was a little girl but never being able to, and how now she is so happy to see more respect and awareness for women sports. Georgie’s speech captured the attention of all the girls and the teachers. All the girls I have spoken with all agree that Georgie Parker has inspired them and given everyone some piece of advice to take away use.

Maddie White (8M)