Mountain Bike Riding in the You Yangs
7 June 2018

The Year 6 students and staff who attended the mountain bike riding recently could not have asked for more perfect weather conditions. The day promised to be a great one and it delivered!

Upon arriving at the You Yangs, we were greeted by Shayne and Simon from Great Ocean Road Adventure Tours (GORATs). The 30 students and 5 staff were matched to an appropriate bike, and after some safety tips, we were cycling through the beautiful bushland. As we embarked on our two and a half hour bike ride, not only did we all enjoy the flatter and somewhat rugged tracks, but we were also challenged by some quite gruelling bursts of undulating terrain. All students displayed great determination and a have-a-go attitude, as did the staff! Below, Georgia Ballan shares her experience.

Nicole Armatas – Acting Deputy Head, Junior School

On August 26, some of the Year 6’s made their way down to the You Yangs to complete a mountain biking course. At first, we split into groups to make our way around. When my group took off we started off slow but after we stopped for a break we picked up speed. I found that the uphill part was almost as bad as the downhill part because I kept feeling like I was going to fall off my bike. My favourite part was going over these giant hills. Every time I went over one I kept thinking that I was going to fall off because they were so tall. When I was waiting in line to go over the hills I was nervous but I’m glad that I tried because it was adventurous and exciting.

Georgia Ballan 6A