Ongoing Improvements to Student Amenities and Learning Areas
16 July 2019

The splendid new bus shelter that has been built adjacent to the soccer field has been completed, located at the Northern Carpark.

Integral to the northern carpark and the student-collect area, the shelter is just over thirty-three metres in length. Glassed-in on its west facing side, it is roofed, weatherproof and fully lit throughout the darker months. With plenty of room for between 120-160 students and their various belongings to wait under cover, this new amenity is both building permit and engineered endorsed.

As many in our community are aware, work is proceeding apace on the Verdon Centre project. Over the term break, this has involved the installation of the steel structure and roofing for what will be an undercover walkway and locker area for our students. This multi-functional zone will ultimately provide an integrated link from the reception area to other parts of the school, while also delivering a broader civil package in the form of improvements to parking and landscaping.