Tree Planting
26 July 2018

During Term two the Winjeel Year One students were learning about animals, their habitats and the environmental impacts that can affect animals. One of the impacts that they learnt about was land clearing and deforestation and how this is one of the major threats to koala habitats. The children thought it would be a good idea to plant some trees around Westbourne to try to help our environment. Although we don’t have any koalas at Westbourne, they decided that planting trees would make a positive impact on our environment.

We asked Craig McDonald from the Grounds team and Ms Cincotta’s Year Eleven Environmental Science class to help us. Craig and his team of Grounds staff organised all the trees and equipment and dug the holes for us ahead of time. On 24 July, the Winjeel Year one’s met the Year eleven’s behind the Year nine centre and together with the grounds staff they planted 66 eucalyptus trees. The children enjoyed working with the Year Eleven students and were grateful for the assistance.

Tracy Hannett – Winjeel Year One Teacher