Westbourne VCE Results 2022
12 December 2022

Westbourne Grammar School is delighted with the VCE results our students have achieved this year with over 33% gaining an ATAR of 90 or over and an overall improvement in the median study score this year.
Principal Adrian Camm was particularly proud of the ways in which the whole cohort of students have given their best this year. He says, “they have exemplified our values and demonstrated enormous resilience throughout the challenges of the past couple of years with such character and strength.”
Dux Yolanda Wu achieved an outstanding ATAR of 99.55. Yolanda is grateful “… to those who have inspired me throughout this journey, my wonderful and amazing teachers who have imparted their wisdom, especially during my VCE years. … I’m looking forward to attending university next year and studying Creative Writing. I have always had a love for writing and I’m excited to be able to hone in on that skill in my further education.”

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