Year 6 Mini Mart – Entrepreneurs
29 November 2018

Last Friday 23 November, the Year 6 students held Mini Mart for their Prep to Year 5 friends.  This saw the culmination of a term’s work centring around our Business and Economics Inquiry unit.

In small collaborative groups, the students planned their stall, completed a business proposal and budget, created craft items, designed logos, made posters, contacted local businesses and sourced a range of materials.  On the day students set up their stalls, sold their handmade crafts, food and drink items and ran a range of activities, including holding a range of raffles.

This exciting event not only showcased the incredible amount of learning that has happened over a ten-week period, but also raised $7412 for Kampuchea House, which was a phenomenal effort.

The teachers were very proud of the students’ hard work and professionalism in running their stalls.  They were able to not only run a very successful event, but they overcame many obstacles along the way and were also able to reflect upon their experiences following the event.

We have already seen some of the Year 6 students put these new entrepreneurial skills into practice outside of the classroom with a few new small business ideas starting to blossom.

Michelle Monaghan – Year 6 Classroom teacher