Westbourne Grammar | Sports & Aquatic Centre


At Westbourne we firmly believe that the measure of success of our students leaving the School lies not only in their academic ability, but also in their emotional and physical wellbeing. Our dream is to provide students with the programs and facilities that deliver a healthy mind and body for a ‘whole person’ education. This is at the very heart of what we all want for our children: to see them flourish, and to be happy and fulfilled.

Research constantly demonstrates the strong association between physical development and personal achievement in all areas of learning and life. To create the future where every student can be their best, the vital area of health, wellbeing, fitness, physical development and skills is currently under-resourced both at Westbourne and clearly in the wider Wyndham region. We want to positively influence change for our students at Westbourne and further support the wider community in addressing the health and wellbeing challenges that this region faces.

In response to these issues, Westbourne’s School Board has developed a plan for a Sports & Aquatic Centre. With a range of facilities, this Centre will enable students to develop water and motor skills and competencies, address issues of health, fitness and wellbeing, enrich the sports program in an integrated program, and build self-confidence and self-esteem. These are life-long skills and competencies.

Within the Wyndham region, facilities that support these areas are few and far between and in high demand. There are long wait lists for local swimming schools, for example, with many students unable to gain basic water safety skills let alone enjoy and master water sports. The community as a whole would benefit immensely from the physical health, nutrition education, wellbeing and active living opportunities being offered from such a facility.

It is our dream that with philanthropic support we will be able to include a dedicated learn to swim pool with the aim of better supporting the needs of the broader community addressing water safety and life saving skills.

Facilities within the Sports & Aquatic Centre

  • Two swimming pools; a 25 metre pool for student use and after hours structured exercise squads; water aerobic classes open to community membership; and a smaller pool with a community focus specifically designed for learn to swim programs and swimming lessons for younger children
  • Mezzanine Gymnasium and Fitness Centre
  • Flexible open learning spaces to be used for classes on active living, nutrition, yoga, exercise and dance
  • Tiered seating with wi-fi access
  • A much-needed, dedicated meeting hub area for our School community with an area offering healthy eating solutions close at hand
  • Expansive tree-lined and grassed reflective spaces
  • Energy efficient filtering/maintenance systems including harvested water and passive solar.

Estimated cost - projection only: $11M to $12M

For more information about the project and to discuss ways you can invest in Westbourne’s future, please contact Anne Bright on 03 9731 9444 or via email at bright.anne@westbourne.vic.edu.au