Westbourne Grammar | Support the Sports & Aquatic Centre

We need support to make our dream a reality


It’s time to improve our children’s safety, to make swimming lessons and water education accessible to more in our community. It’s time to provide this much-needed facility which focuses on well-being and physical skill development that will support our community for life. It’s time to achieve greater physical health and wellbeing outcomes for our region. It’s time for us to advocate improved health and wellbeing of our students and the broader Community. It’s our legacy to the future. 



You can demonstrate your belief in Westbourne’s commitment to the future of our young people and our community by making a gift and investing in this important centre for physical wellbeing and development. This dream, this facility, this resource will only be possible with strong financial support from the Westbourne and local community. By working and giving together we can ensure our students will have the best possible facilities and programs for their all-round development and wellbeing. 


With a fundraising goal of $3M, we can all play our part in providing for students current and future and creating our future. Meaningful giving is simple and easy to do. Gifts can be spread over three – five years and are fully tax deductible under Australian law.


For more information about this exciting project or to discuss how you can donate to the Sports & Aquatic Centre, please contact Anne Bright on 03 9731 9444 or via email at bright.anne@westbourne.vic.edu.au