CARE is our way of describing wellbeing at Westbourne.Our wellbeing program is designed to help students have a strong sense of who they are within a moral framework to navigate an increasingly complex world. Care of self, care for others, care of the spirit and care for the community underpin our framework.
What we think of ourselves and of the world makes us who we are and who we can be.
Sir Ken Robinson

The CARE program is sequential across Prep to Year 12. Within CARE there are eight domains which are developmentally staged and reflective of the essential aspects of a contemporary and in some cases compulsory wellbeing curriculum.

CONSCIENCE – Culture and Belonging | Empowerment and Consent
ACTION – Positive Learning Behaviours | Healthy Bodies, Hearts and Minds
RESILIENCE – Managing Risk | Digital Wellbeing 
ENGAGEMENT – Respectful Relationships | Meaning and Purpose

How We Care

Our organisational and wellbeing structures are extensive from Heads of Schools, Heads of Campus, Directors of Year level, Heads of Houses, classroom teachers and tutors all playing significant roles. In addition, School Counsellors, the School Chaplain and the School Nurses and Health Centre support individual and collective wellbeing in the school.

Throughout the School there is a strong focus on healthy lifestyles, personal wellbeing, mental health, cyber safety, protective behaviours and generally caring for self.  This is supported through the wellbeing programs across the school including our ‘Shaping Learners Series’ – a program of invited guest speakers and workshop facilitators who bring specialist skills, global perspectives and transformational life experiences to our important conversations, for students and staff.  


In Senior School Houses provide the framework for pastoral care with Heads of House monitoring and following up all students for academic and wellbeing progress. The Houses are in friendly competition for sports, public speaking, singing and community activities. Students are deeply connected to their Houses and House spirit is strong.

Junior School also has Houses in which they undertake sport and other activities. All Houses are named for significant historical figures in the School’s history of local history.


The school Health Centre is a medically equipped facility with registered nurses who provide immediate first aid and care during the School day. School nurses play a proactive role in health and wellbeing programs, and every Westbourne staff member participates in first aid, anaphylaxis and asthma training.  Our counsellors are qualified psychologists, providing support for students across the school. Dedicated careers counsellors support senior school students and families through the processes associated with subject choice for VCE, Careers Discovery and some of the preparations that support a successful VCE experience.