Social and emotional wellbeing underpin effective student learning and positive behaviour and we maintain a critical focus in this area. Our community values all members and promotes positive relationships, particularly between teachers and students. The Wellbeing Program centres on the 3Rs: Relationships, Resilience and Respect.
House system

The House system in Senior School provides the framework for pastoral care with Heads of House monitoring and following up all students for academic and wellbeing progress. The Houses are in friendly competition for sports, public speaking, singing and community activities. Students are deeply connected to their Houses and House spirit is strong. Junior School also has Houses in which they undertake sport and other activities. All Houses are named for significant historical figures in the School’s history of local history.


Throughout the School there is a strong focus on healthy lifestyles, personal wellbeing, mental health, cyber safety, protective behaviours and generally caring for self.  This is supported through the wellbeing programs across the School.  In addition to the learning programs, we have a fully equipped Health Centre staffed by registered nurses.  They provide immediate first aid and care during the School day.  We also have School Counsellors who provide support for students across the School as required.

Leadership is formal and informal throughout the School with elected positions in both Junior and Senior School. There are many additional opportunities for students at every level to engage in active leadership in all aspects of school life which they embrace with enthusiasm.