Early Learning
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Amici Early Learning Centre
The Reggio Emilia philosophy embraces the belief that children, from birth, are curious, capable and equipped to learn and interact with the world around them.

Through listening to our children we are able to gain insight into the different ways they interpret the world and represent their ideas and thinking.

The Amici Centre has a Cook who works on the premises, providing nutritious, well balanced meals and snacks. The weekly menus are developed in line with the Recommended Daily Intake of nutrients guidelines for young children. Food is prepared using fresh, wholesome ingredients, providing varied and balanced meals and morning and afternoon tea each day.

Our partnership with families

Amici – Westbourne Early Learning Centre acknowledges and values each family as a member of the Centre’s community and welcomes their ideas, input and feedback on the operation of the service.

The Centre recognises the diverse skills, abilities and cultures each family brings to the service and encourages their involvement in the program and specialised activities.

Families are welcome to share their skills, time or ideas with the children as part of the Centre’s curriculum.