National Redress Scheme Statement

The National Redress Scheme was introduced in response to the Royal Commission into Institutional Child Abuse to provide support to people who have experienced institutional child sexual abuse.

The Scheme commenced on 1 July 2018 and will run for a period of ten years, concluding on 30 June 2028.  The Scheme acknowledges that many children were sexually abused in Australian institutions and holds institutions accountable for the abuse.

The Scheme provides an opportunity to people who have experienced institutional child sexual abuse to gain access to counselling, a direct personal response (DPR), and a Redress payment.

Direct Personal Response (DPR)

DPR is survivor led. A DPR is:

  • an opportunity for a survivor to have their story of abuse heard;
  • an acknowledgement of the impact of the abuse of the person;
  • an apology or a statement of acknowledgement or regret; and/or
  • an assurance that the institution has taken steps, or will take steps, to prevent abuse occurring again.