Westbourne has been widely recognised as among the best and most successful schools in Australia. Multiple awards for strategy, innovation, operations, teaching and learning, and individual acclaim for a number of our staff, positions us at the forefront of education excellence.

When schools perform exceptionally well, it is the students who are the centre of every effort. While we strive to develop the most innovative programs and work to attract the best people, every now and then a biproduct of our achievement is recognition for the work we do, from our industry and our peers.

Westbourne has enjoyed unprecedented success in recent years, receiving multiple Australian Education and other Awards. We are very proud and honoured, and each time we receive an award we reinvest our intentions in the ongoing development of our great school.

Awards are one indicator of Westbourne’s successful performance, but it is our student outcomes and wellbeing, staff satisfaction and community engagement, that remain our goals. Creating a safe and inspiring learning environment, supporting and growing our leadership and other staff, and nurturing a strong sense of belonging, helps us to achieve this. 

  • Awardee | Best School Strategic Plan 2024
  • Awardee | Best use of Technology 2024
  • Awardee | Principal of the Year 2024 | non-governement 
  • Awardee | Best School Strategic Plan 2023
  • Five Star Employer of Choice | 2024
  • Five Star Innovative School | 2023
  • Education Rising Star | Liam Bassett | 2024
  • Hot List | Dr. Adrian Camm | 2023
  • Hot List | Teagan Collins | 2022
  • Hot List | Liam Bassett | 2022
  • Dr. Adrian Camm |  2023 Australian Council for Educational Leaders (ACEL) Fellowship for outstanding leadership
  • Athena Kavaleris  The History Teachers’ Association of Victoria Award for Excellence in History Education by a Secondary Teacher 2024
  • Belinda Rasen | 2023 Music Theatre Guild of Victoria | Musical Direction | Vocals
  • Andrew Leach | 2023 Music Theatre Guild of Victoria | Musical Direction | Band
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