Two campuses with distinct characteristics creates a unique introduction to the Westbourne Junior School. Prep - Year 4 at the Williamstown campus and Prep - Year 6 at the Truganina campus provide complementary environments. The curriculum and educational philosophy apply consistently in both locations whilst the unique geographical landscapes deliver diverse opportunities for learning.

Two campuses, one philosophy

At Westbourne, it is about learning through other students and exploring a new world
Full STEAM ahead

Imagine it is 2030. What skill-sets will our current Year 3 learners need to either further their education or enter the workforce? That’s quite a challenge, isn’t it?  As far as education goes, we are utilising STEAM as an approach to future-proof our learners for this day.

STEAM education, simply put, is the integration of science, technology, engineering, arts and mathematics.  The Commonwealth government is restoring the focus on STEAM subjects in schools so that Australia’s young adults are equipped with the necessary skills for the economy of the future. Increasingly, employers are looking for workers who are creative problem solvers, innovative and critical thinkers, and able to use new technologies.  Such challenges mean STEAM is viewed as a way to provide an exciting opportunity for inquiry learning through the integration of curriculum and a design thinking approach that is engaging and relevant to students.

Out of School Hours Care

Before, After and Vacation Care at our Truganina Campus as well as Before and After Care at our Williamstown Campus is operated by outstanding provider TeamKids.

Qualified co-ordinators, known as a Directors of Service are located full time at both of our campuses and they are responsible for:

  • Implementing age-appropriate experiences that are engaging and fun, but also creating learning environments that are warm, unique and stimulating, a place where children don’t have to go, they want to go
  • Ensuring consistency of staff, providing an exemplary level of communication with the children and parents and ensuring that a strong, genuine relationship exists with the school and the broader community.

In addition to this, TeamKids have set a new standard for OSHC in that they:

  • build parental and student confidence through quality programs and communication
  • create child–led programs that enrich and extend the children in such ways as their TeamKids Clubs
  • will establish long-lasting relationships with our school by engaging fully with the community
  • provide industry-leading educator-to-student ratios of 1:10.

For registration and other enquiries please visit the TeamKids