Our employees are our greatest asset. Every employee is important in helping us reach our vision and goals, and every employee counts. We want to attract and retain motivated professionals who perform to their full potential.
Our culture

We encourage and support individual growth and achievement while also focusing on how every employee can contribute to, and benefit from, our collective strengths.

As an employee of Westbourne Grammar school you will enjoy a strong community culture that is inclusive, supportive and diverse; based firmly on the School’s values. You will have many opportunities to develop professionally and personally, and be encouraged and supported to become part of a high performance team with clear expectations through extensive professional learning, a strategic learning plan and collegiate support.

Each employee will be guided and assisted to develop a personal learning plan that aligns with the School’s Mission, Vision, and Values.  We care deeply about student welfare and learning, and acknowledge that the most influential factor in student learning outcomes is good teaching. Working in teams, and individually, you will be an important part of Westbourne Grammar’s future and, most importantly, the future of the children in your care.

Information about our Further Study Assistance is available on request and our Learning to Lead leadership program brochure can be found at the link below.

How to apply
Applying for any of our jobs is straight forward; however, please set aside 10-15 minutes of your time before you start, because we like to get as much information as we can from you before making a decision on who we would like to interview. The process involves four simple steps.
Step 1
Use the search box to find a position
You can do this by either entering a reference number (if you have seen the position advertised) or by entering a keyword. Alternatively, if you want to view all of Westbourne's current job listings simply click on the VACANCIES tab below.
Step 2
Answer our simple questionnaire (10-15 questions)
Our self explanatory questionnaire normally has no more than 10-15 questions and is designed to provide us with a little more information about you. And answering the questions allows us to process your application more efficiently.
Step 3
Upload a CV onto our system
If you have a CV in a compatible format simply upload it onto our system by following a couple of uncomplicated steps. If you do not already have a professionally formatted CV you can use our system to build one for you, free of charge. This may take you a little longer, however, having a well laid out CV certainly helps your chances of attaining an interview with us.
Step 4
Take an optional personality profile
Our system is linked to a leading personality profiling company so you have the option of undertaking a short personality test to submit with your application. This is not compulsory, so please do not feel you are under any pressure to undertake this component of the process.
Staff are committed to our strong moral purpose that ‘…every child can succeed and achieve significant growth’. This purpose sits at the heart of what we do each and every day with each and every child.
Westbourne Grammar is a vibrant independent, co-educational, non-denominational Christian school, steeped in history and tradition. We have been shaping learners for over one hundred and fifty years.
Westbourne E-Tendering
Tenders advertised cover a
wide range of works and services
Westbourne Grammar uses an external e-tendering site to advertise and receive tenders, quotes, expressions of interest and other commissioning requirements. Westbourne Grammar works with many external suppliers, contractors and businesses each year.
Free Supplier Registration

We welcome all current and potential suppliers of goods and services. All tender submissions must be lodged electronically though our preferred supplier TenderLink.

Using TenderLink you can:

  • Register to view current tenders
  • Download tenders
  • Submit tenders electronically
Tenders Advertised

Tenders advertised are related to the School’s operations such as:

  • Works – Civil works, Engineering, Building and Construction etc,
  • Services – Consultancies, Plant Hire, Cleaning 
  • Supplies – Goods and equipment such as Stationary, Protective clothing, Maintenance materials, Playground equipment etc.
Our Aims

Every time we engage a tender, we aim to:

  • Achieve a high standard in our projects
  • Conduct activities in a fair and ethical manner
  • Support local businesses