The support and development of Westbourne's academic and professional staff are key to achieving education excellence. Contemporary programs that enhance learning and career opportunities are made available to all staff and include qualification advancement, leadership, mentoring and experiential activities.

You and Your Career @Westbourne

Learning to Lead

Our Learning to Lead programs have been developed specifically to provide professional support and extension to staff at different levels in our school context.  The school’s professional learning programs are viewed through the lens of individual, sectional, and whole-school priorities. These are interdependent and build capacity across all school staff. 

$10,000 Fellowship

The Westbourne Fellowship builds on the school’s commitment and reputation for excellence and dedication to developing exceptional educators and professional staff, with a heart for education. Fellows are awarded individually or as a team up to $10 000 AUD based on their application.

Accelerate – Westbourne’s Graduate Teacher Program

Every teacher’s first year is a period of enormous professional and personal growth and our new graduates are fully supported through the initial stages of their professional life as a teacher.

Accelerate – Westbourne’s Graduate Teacher Program provides release time, the allocation of a dedicated Mentor and a structured and targeted professional development program.  It is a partnership with our new staff to maximise training, and develop burgeoning skills and professional identity.

Together, we create a strong foundation for sustained growth.

Further Study Assistance

Westbourne staff are encouraged to diversify their skills and continue to build on their qualifications as a part of their personal and professional growth plan. The Further Study Assistance program provides financial support, time release and mentoring to lesson the burden of assuming post graduate studies. We are proud of our staff and know that as they pursue and achieve ambitious learning goals, our students reap the greatest benefit.