Westbourne has always been outward looking – bringing the world into the school and sending students out into the world as part of their rich learning experiences.
Course Delivery Model

CRICOS Provider Name: Westbourne Grammar School

CRISCOS Provider Number: 0035F

Primary Years P – 6

  • Course Code: 011401C
  • Course Duration: 364 weeks

Secondary Years 7 -12

  • Course Code: 016541F
  • Course Duration: 312 weeks

The course delivery method is face-to-face learning and the School will not deliver a course exclusively via online or remote learning arrangements with the exception of instances where approval has been granted by the Victorian Regulations and Qualifications Authority (VRQA), or the Education Minister executes a Ministerial Direction permitting CRICOS registered schools to deliver courses to international students enrolled in CRICOS courses through online and remote learning arrangements.

The highest education achievement offered by Westbourne Grammar School is the Victorian Certificate of Education (VCE).

International students are required to complete an English language proficiency test prior to acceptance of enrolment at Westbourne Grammar School. The test assesses a student’s vocabulary, reading comprehension, writing, listening and speaking abilities. 

The School has established the following English language proficiency entry requirements in order for students to receive a direct entry into mainstream classes. 

Year LevelAEAS test scoreIELTS test score
7 – 860 + (Intermediate)5+ (Intermediate)
965+ (Intermediate)5+ (Intermediate)
1070+ (Intermediate/Upper-Intermediate)5+ (Intermediate)
1175+ (Upper-Intermediate)5.5 + (Upper-Intermediate)

Please contact us to discuss opportunities to attend English Language Programs that are available to students requiring tuition to attain the above language proficiency requirements.

International students in Years Prep – 10 are required to attend 80% or higher of scheduled course contact hours to meet satisfactory course attendance.  Students that fall below 70% course attendance rate are considered not meeting satisfactory course attendance requirements.

International students undertaking studies in Years 11 & 12 (VCE), or VCE units must attend 90% of scheduled course contact hours to meet satisfactory course attendance. Students that fall below this are considered not meeting satisfactory VCE course attendance requirements and will not be awarded a satisfactory pass grade.

The School will monitor, assess and record the academic course progression of each student per term and per semester to ensure the international student is in a position to complete the course within the expected duration specified in the Confirmation of Enrolment (CoE). Students who commence studies part-way through a semester will be assessed after one full term period of attendance.

To demonstrate satisfactory course progression, students are required to achieve an average mark of 50% or higher in English, or English as a Second Language and 50% in all other subjects, please reference to (outlined below) School’s Promotions Policy and Senior School Assessment Policy.

All international students undertaking study at Westbourne Grammar School must have adequate accommodation arrangements in place prior to commencement of enrolment.

The minimum age requirement for an international student to be accepted into homestay accommodation is 13 years of age. Westbourne Grammar School grants permission for students aged 13 years (and above) to reside in homestay accommodation only when the student is residing with a nominated relative approved by the Department of Home Affairs.

The requirements for an agency homestay are more restricted, the School only grants permission for students enrolling into Year 9 (and above) to reside in an approved agency homestay.

There are two accommodation options:

  1. The student resides in a homestay with a nominated relative approved by the Department of Home Affairs.
  2. The student resides with a school approved and agency verified homestay family.

It is preferred that students live in a local area in close proximity to the School’s Campus. The School will not accept students who reside in a flat or house with other students or by themselves.

All international students aged 18 years or younger are required to have a Nominated Relative Guardian, or if a Welfare arrangement is required, a Student Advocate must be appointed and approved by the School while the student is undertaking study in Australia.

This rule applies to all international students enrolled at the School, irrespective of age.

Where the School issues a CAAW for a student under the age of 18 years, the School takes responsibility for the student’s accommodation and welfare arrangements. These responsibilities are non-delegable, and the School will not outsource or contract out these responsibilities to another party.

Australian Homestay Network (AHN) Homestay Fees

*Fees based off average costs for 7 nights & 3 meals per day

  • AU $365.00 (per week – under 18 years)
  • AU $ 345.00 (per week – over 18 years)

Additional Fees

  • Matching Fee: AU $ 290.00
  • Airport Pick Up Fee: AU $ 160.00

*Please note: Homestay fees must be paid a minimum 6 weeks prior to arrival in Australia. More info here.

Student Advocate Fees

  • AU $300.00 (Monthly fee)
  • AU $2,200.00 (Annual fee)

*Please note: Homestay fees must be paid a minimum 6 weeks prior to arrival in Australia. Students can either pay per month or an annual fee. More info here.

Personal & Entertainment Fees

  • AU $120.00 (approximate per week)
  • Eating Out: AU $30.00 (per outing)
  • Public Transport (Myki): AU $ 22.50 – $45.00 (Zones 1 & 2 weekly ticket, costs dependent on age and concession)
  •  Movie Ticket: AU $16.50 – $24.00 (standard cinema ticket, costs dependent on age and concession)
  • Zoo Admission Ticket: AU $19.00 – $30.00 (per ticket, dependent on age and concession)
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Westbourne Grammar School is an MPSI School

The Melbourne Schools Partnership International (MSPI) is a unique partnership between the University of Melbourne and leading Victorian independent schools, which also involves a relationship with the Department of Education and Training.

Every year the University organises a range of activities tailored to the needs of international students enrolled in Years 11 and 12. These activities are designed to inspire Year 11 and 12 students about future study opportunities, and motivate them to maximise their talents and abilities.

Every year the University organises a range of activities tailored to the needs of international students enrolled in Years 11 and 12 at one of the MSPI schools. These activities are designed to inspire Year 11 and 12 students about future study opportunities and motivate them to maximise their talents and abilities. By attending these activities, students can:

  • experience what it is like to study at the University;
  • learn more about opportunities to study at the University;
  • meet with University representatives who can support you in the decision‐making process for tertiary studies; and
  • meet with international and local students currently enrolled at the University to get their perspective on University study.

The Australian Year 12 program taught by all MSPI schools is a recognised study pathway for application into the University of Melbourne. For more information visit here.