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Secondary Preparation Program
International Exchanges
Westbourne has always been outward looking – bringing the world into the school and sending students out into the world as part of their rich learning experiences.
Westbourne Grammar School is an MPSI School

The Melbourne Schools Partnership International (MSPI) is a unique partnership between the University of Melbourne and leading Victorian independent schools, which also involves a relationship with the Department of Education and Training.

Every year the University organises a range of activities tailored to the needs of international students enrolled in Years 11 and 12. These activities are designed to inspire Year 11 and 12 students about future study opportunities, and motivate them to maximise their talents and abilities.

Every year the University organises a range of activities tailored to the needs of international students enrolled in Years 11 and 12 at one of the MSPI schools. These activities are designed to inspire Year 11 and 12 students about future study opportunities and motivate them to maximise their talents and abilities. By attending these activities, students can:

  • experience what it is like to study at the University;
  • learn more about opportunities to study at the University;
  • meet with University representatives who can support you in the decision‐making process for tertiary studies; and
  • meet with international and local students currently enrolled at the University to get their perspective on University study.

The Australian Year 12 program taught by all MSPI schools is a recognised study pathway for application into the University of Melbourne. For more information visit here.


Secondary Preparation Program

In order to equip international students with the language skills required in their new learning environment, we offer the Secondary Preparation Program (Intensive English) in the School’s International Centre. This Program is taught in small classes to enable strong support from teachers. Not only does the Program offer an intensive English language course, it also provides an essential orientation period, allowing students to become familiar with the School’s layout and procedures. Students in the Secondary Preparation Program are full members of the School community.

They live in a Westbourne homestay, wear the Westbourne uniform and are in the care of experienced Westbourne Grammar School staff. This enables them to become settled and comfortable at Westbourne before starting their mainstream classes. While still undertaking the Secondary Preparation Program, students attend selected mainstream classes such as Mathematics, Sport, Business Studies and Science. The students will enter mainstream classes once their English skills are at the required level.

International Exchanges

There is nothing like immersing yourself in the language you are studying by actually being in Germany or Japan, Language students have the opportunity to undertake exchanges with our sister schools in Germany or Japan each year, with reciprocal visits from our sister schools to us.  Studying another language and becoming proficient in it is one of the most highly regarded skills for future employability globally which places Westbourne students well for their futures.

In addition to language exchanges, we also offer a biennial Music Tour of Europe.  Students who are involved in our extensive music program have the opportunity to travel to Austria, Germany and France and perform a rehearsed concert repertoire in some of the most beautiful venues in the world.

For the sporting enthusiasts there is also a biennial ski trip which usually travels to our close pacific neighbour – New Zealand.


Our Cambodia Challenge operates across nine days each year. The trip starts with visits to Kampuchea House, of which Westbourne is the number one supporter. Just one moment with any of the young children is enough for our students to realise the enormity of the difference our community is making in the lives of these children. The Challenge also includes a rural bicycle ride, an evening at the circus, temple visits, a ride on the Great Lake Tonle Sap and visits to the Night Market.

A memorable feature of the Challenge is working with another organisation, HUSK to build a house in a local village. The initiative, collaboration, cooperation, drive and determination our students experience is remarkable.