We share news and updates about the life of the school in a number of ways, including regular news and updates for current families, on our Schoolbox platform. The School also has a range of publications and reports that are available for the broader community. These include our twice yearly magazine Monomeith, Annual Reports for Government, VCE results summary and other papers and reports from time to time.
Annual reports
In order to fulfil its statutory obligations under the Education and Training Reform Regulations (2007), the school is obliged to submit an Annual Community Report. As a registered school in the state of Victoria, this report must contain detailed information regarding such key matters as: stewardship and governance, management and staffing, student attendance and outcomes, professional learning, finances and details of parent, staff and student satisfaction with the School. Once submitted, the Annual Community Report is published by the Victorian Registration and Qualifications Authority and is readily available on both their website and the School’s website.
2022 VCE Results
VCE Results

When the VCE results arrived for our students this year, they meant more than just numbers. It was the triumph of strength, hope and community after three challenging years. Westbourne Grammar School’s Year 12 students have worked together in their final year to not only achieve outstanding results, but as a tightly knit cohort who after two years of limited attendance on campus, made their last year together a year to celebrate being together and working hard to achieve their dreams.

Literata is the School Year Book published in December each year. It is a formal record of the whole school year, staff, students and events and provides an archival record of the people and activities of every year. School year books are treasured by most students and looked back on, dipped into over a lifetime bringing back memories. We have limited copies of various editions available. Please contact info@westbourne.vic.edu.au to make enquiries.
Monomeith is the biannual news magazine usually published in June and November each year. It has a circulation of several thousand and is sent to all current families, alumni and former community members. It gives a comprehensive overview of significant events and initiatives happening at the School with news of staff, students and alumni.
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