Statement of Commitment to Child Safety and Wellbeing

At Westbourne Grammar School, we have zero tolerance for child abuse, racism  and discrimination. We are committed to acting in a child’s and young person’s best interest, wellbeing and in keeping them safe from harm. The school regards its child protection responsibilities with the utmost importance and as such, is committed to providing the necessary resources to ensure compliance with all relevant child protection laws, regulations and maintaining a child safe culture.

Westbourne Grammar School is committed to the protection of children and young people from all forms of child abuse and demonstrates this commitment through the implementation of comprehensive Child Safety and Wellbeing Programs designed to keep children and young people safe.

Westbourne Grammar School is committed to embedding a respectful and inclusive culture,  creating environments where Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander culture is authentically acknowledged and celebrated, where children and young people, families and community members are welcoming and included.

To achieve this, the school will:

  • Include an Acknowledgement of Country at school assemblies, staff meetings, performances and events.
  • Consult with families and members of the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander community to identify opportunities to promote indigenous culture and practices in our learning and teaching programs.
  • Provide opportunities for children and young people to share and freely express their cultural identity.
  • Celebrate NAIDOC week and acknowledge significant events including National Sorry Day and National Reconciliation Week.
  • Include indigenous history, cultural programs and studies in our curriculum framework.
  • Provide indigenous cultural awareness training opportunities and experiences to staff.

Westbourne Grammar School is committed to embedding an inclusive and respectful environment where diversity and equity of all children and young people are valued.

To achieve this, the school will:

  • Actively promote the importance of inclusion in our school community.
  • Welcome and support the participation of children and young people including; children and young people with disabilities, children and young people from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds, children and young people that identify as LGBTIQA+, children and young people from Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander backgrounds.
  • Provide opportunities for children and young people to share their stories and experiences (student voice), freely express themselves.
  • Acknowledge and celebrate important diversity and inclusion dates and cultural and religious dates.
  • Have zero tolerance of racism and other forms of discrimination and take action when identified.
  • Educate staff and students in celebrating diversity and equity and recognising and addressing racism and discrimination.

Westbourne Grammar School is committed to embedding a safe, supportive and inclusive learning environment, where our students feel valued, respected, and their voices are heard. Student participation and empowerment are crucial aspects in developing resilient and respectful young people; Shaping Learners Who Inspire the World.

 Three key principles underpin the participation and empowerment of students:

  • Empowerment: which involves students having greater control or say over their lives through participation.
  • Purposeful Engagement: which involves students taking on valued roles, addressing issues that are relevant to them, and influencing real outcomes.
  • Inclusiveness: which involves ensuring that all students are able to participate.

 Part of creating and maintaining a child safe environment at the school for all students is ensuring that all students:

  • are engaged and involved in decisions that affect them.
  • can express their views and raise concerns.
  • have their views and opinions taken seriously.
  • are educated about their rights and child safety.

The school actively seeks to understand what makes students feel safe in our school and regularly communicate with students about what they can do if they feel unsafe.

The school recognises the importance of friendships and encourage respectful relationships, strong friendships and support from peers.

Junior School

Ms Watters, Acting Head of Junior School



Ms Elliott, Head of Amici ELC and Winjeel Campus (P -2)



Ms Woodall, Head of Verdon Campus (Yrs 3 -6)



Senior School

Ms Ahuja, Head of Senior School



Mr Rose, Deputy Head of Senior School

e: rose.


Ms Jenkins, Yrs 10 – 12 Year Level Director



Mr Power, Director of Year 9



Mrs Gauci, Yrs 7 – 8 Year level Director

E: Gauci.helen@westbourne.vic,


Westbourne Sports and Aquatic Centre

Mr O’Dwyer, WSAC Facilities Manager


Junior School

Mr Christanthou, Head of Williamstown Campus (P -Yr 4)