Newport Lakes Excusrion
26 July 2018

The Year 2 students along with the Year 3 Environmental Committee students from Williamstown spent an enriching morning at Newport Lakes on July 20.  The focus of the excursion was learning about human impact on the local environment. Throughout the morning students attended 3 different sessions, hosted by Hobson’s Bay City Council Conservation Rangers, each outlining a different local environmental issue.  During the Littering session we discussed the time it takes for different materials to break down completely and the effect of these materials on local wildlife.  It was surprising to learn that some things stay on our earth for over 1 million years before breaking down completely. Our Habitats session showed us the different plants and trees that are used as shelter and food by wildlife in the area, and the session demonstrating the evolution of our planet made us see how much we need to care for our environment by conserving energy at home and at school.  We would like to thank Hobson’s Bay City Council and the Conservation Rangers who assisted us on the day.

Samara Hudek