Visiting China: international recruitment trip
14 March 2024

Last week we embarked on our first International recruitment trip for 2024. A whirlwind two days, meeting with future students, parents, and education agents in Beijing and Shanghai. Our small team on the ground brought the Westbourne experience to life, and we blazed a trail by using Adrian Camm’s ‘digital twin’ to create an AI-driven presentation delivered in fluent simplified Chinese. The families were very grateful to be addressed in their own language, and enthralled at the technology, which opened up a dialogue about our how we champion digital innovation at Westbourne.  

Every one of these trips is a revelation and a reminder to us, just how life changing a Westbourne education can be. 

The young people from China, who are about to leave their friends, their families, their culture, and all that is familiar to them, are courageous. They have dreams and aspirations that their families are fully supporting, and they are trusting us to guide them toward the future they have imagined for themselves. This is such a privilege and a responsibility we accept whole-heartedly, knowing everyone at Westbourne will embrace these new members of our community and share with them the sense of belonging that is synonymous with our school.