Year 3 Exhibition of Learning – Williamstown
18 October 2018

On Thursday, October 11 the Year 3 students at Williamstown held their second Exhibition of Learning for 2018. It was a wonderful afternoon with all the students performing and sharing their Term 3 learning based on the Inquiry topic ‘Australia and its Neighbours’.

The afternoon commenced with all the students performing various musical items. The first performance involved 2 Japanese songs, the Manner song and the Welcoming song.

The next performance was a song tilted ‘Eucalyptus’. This song was created by the students and Mrs Hillas during Music classes. Some students accompanied the singing by playing percussion instruments like the xylophone and rhythm sticks.

The final musical performance involved all the children playing their stringed instruments. The three pieces of music performed were titled ‘Morning Sunshine’, ‘Stew Pot Hop’ and ‘Afternoon Rain’.


The guests then went to the Year 3 classrooms where the students shared all the work they had completed last term related to the topic Australia and its Neighbours.

The students had many things to share including, travel brochures based on a neighbouring country and their Ozobot map work.

All the students had to create a path for their Ozobots to travel around Australia visiting all of Australia’s capital cities and many famous landmarks such as Wave Rock in WA, Uluru in NT and the Great Barrier Reef off the coast of Queensland.

It was a very successful and enjoyable afternoon had by all.

Jill Green – Year 3 Teacher