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The House that Education Builds

At the start of a new term it is always a pleasure to see our friends, to swap stories, to resume games suspended for the break and to slip into the groove of lessons. We might also need to recalibrate our sense of purpose as school resumes and remember that managing our own learning is the occupation of a lifetime and school helps us set the framework for this important business.

Let me share this short parable with you as we knit ourselves back into our formal learning.

The House that Education Builds

There is a story of a wealthy man who called his servant in to say that he was leaving the country for a year and that, while he was gone, he wanted the servant to build him a new house. The wealthy man told his servant to build the house well and, when he returned, he would pay all the bills, whatever it cost.

Shortly after the wealthy man departed, the servant decided it was foolish to work so hard and started to cut corners, spending and squandering all the money saved.

When the wealthy man returned he paid all the bills and then asked the servant, “Are you satisfied with the house you have built?”

“Yes, I am,” replied the servant.

The wealthy man said, “Good … because the house is yours. You can live in it the rest of your life.”

Education is the house you are building to live in for the rest of your life.

Build the very best house you can.

Acknowledgement: Professor Richard Weaver,
Department of Interpersonal Communication, Bowling Green State University, Ohio, USA

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