Westbourne Grammar

Week 2

Welcome back to all members of the Westbourne community for another busy term. Although only Week 2 we have already had the opportunity to attend the Photography Exhibition.

This exhibition was wonderful and included photographs taken by students in the Photography Club, in art classes as well as works done by staff. My congratulations to all who submitted images for inclusion in this inspiring exhibition.

I was also fortunate to have the opportunity to attend the Legend Big Band performance on Monday evening and was delighted to hear that they won the festival. As we know, excellence cannot be reached without dedication, enthusiasm and passion, all of which were evident in this performance. Well done to all concerned.

Opening of the Ray Horsburgh Centre

I am delighted to announce the formal naming of the Year 7/LOTE building as “The Horsburgh Centre”.

Ray Horsburgh is a past student and past parent of the School and served on the School Council from 1978 until 2002 as President and as Vice-President. Ray Horsburgh was one of several parents instrumental in establishing the Truganina Campus in the 1970s. At that time, his own children were at school on The Strand for their primary school education and as with so many other local families, exiting Williamstown Grammar to alternative high schools, often out of the district. A group of parents, interested in offering a capable secondary education in the West, purchased significant landholdings at Truganina and set about building a secondary school for local students. By 1979, Ray Horsburgh and the School Council ascertained from a survey commissioned by Ray that parents in the area were very keen to have an independent grammar school offering an academic education. This foresight, coupled with careful planning, persistence and unshakable belief in the project that was to become Westbourne Grammar, has benefited children of the West for some forty years.

Ray and Pam’s four children graduated from Westbourne Grammar. In 2002, Ray retired from School Council but remains a loyal and active supporter of the School and its mission.

We are delighted that Mr Bill Shorten, our new Federal Minister for Education, will be performing the official Opening Ceremony.

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