Celebrating Our Stories Through Food
1 November 2018

All who attended Westbourne Celebrates will know we have embarked upon an exploration of the cultures and stories that make us who we are. The four short films which screened (links below) revealed some insights into our origins, identity and how we fit together in our communities. The students who shared their stories in the films represent some of our cultural diversity, however more than forty nationalities contribute to our student population.

In her speech on the night, Meg Hansen announced that the next layer of our ‘Belonging Project’ was about to commence and we would be seeking participation from our broader school community for this exciting stage. In addition to school families, faculty and other staff are also invited to contribute.

So, we need your help. Share your stories and your recipes!

Belonging: The Westbourne Grammar Cookbook will focus on the food and food traditions that represent some of the strongest connections to our heritage.

The book will begin by acknowledging our original land owners – revealing the story of the hunter gather clans who lived through fishing, hunting and foraging this region.  The beginning will also introduce the many school families featured –  following the journey from original homeland to current community.

Development of these stories, collection of recipes and family/food photography will be undertaken with a sense of celebration but also sensitivity to the personal nature of the narrative. Consultation will occur at every stage.

This is an open invitation to everyone who would like to participate or perhaps learn more about this project. At this stage we seek your expression of interest only, after which you will be contacted with details of how the project will unfold.

Please click here to notify us that you are interested in being a part of Belonging: The Westbourne Grammar Cookbook.

Belonging Series – Episode 1 – I AM

Belonging Series – Episode 2 – CONNECTED TO HERITAGE

Belonging Series – Episode 3 – CELEBRATING IDENTITY

Belonging Series – Episode 4 – BELONGING