Introducing Our School Leaders 2020
11 November 2019

On Tuesday of this week our senior school students and a number of family members and supporters gathered in the auditorium for an important annual event – the induction of our leadership team chosen from what will be the Class of 2020.

As a school community, we understand the importance of providing a range of leadership opportunities for our students, supporting them in these roles and encouraging them to learn more about what it is that makes a great leader. We know how important it is for student leaders to learn how to motivate, influence, persuade and encourage. We want them to discover how to build effective relationships, manage and resolve conflicts and accomplish tasks effectively.

Although I was not able to attend the ceremony, our Associate Principal, Andrew McGregor officiated at the event. Amongst other things, he was particularly impressed by the insights presented by school captains, Tessa Harrison and Divine Emezie into the challenges and complexities of leadership. In considering the question of ‘one person who has inspired me’, Tessa Harrison chose one of the African American mathematicians working at NASA in the early days of the space program.  Katherine Johnson’s calculations of orbital mechanics were critical to the success of the first and subsequent manned spaceflights.  Although she and her colleagues faced appalling discrimination, this did not stop them from persevering with their work – the ‘hidden figures‘ of the book and movie of the same name. As Tessa said: ‘Katherine Johnson was a great leader, who also paved the way for all woman, especially African American woman. She faced challenges, but she got through them no matter how tough they were.’

Following Tessa, Divine Emezie then offered some further insights on the subject of leadership: ‘For us to lead well, there are a few always and nevers we must keep in mind. Never let the fear of failure stop or side-track the goals you set for yourself. Never forget to enjoy the times with those around you, because they come and go only once. Always remember to think wide. Always be prepared to do the uncomfortable work, the hard work, and the work that lacks immediate recognition or congratulations. Above all, always remember who you are and stay true to yourself.

We expect a lot of our young people and I am confident the leadership group of 2020 will, both individually and collectively, fulfil our expectations and significantly enhance Westbourne’s culture of community and service.

Congratulations go to:

School Captain                                               Divine Emezie

School Captain                                               Tessa Harrison

School Vice-Captain                                       Kate Morton

School Vice-Captain                                       Luke Tarola

Derrimut House Captain                                Priscillia Boey

Derrimut House Captain                                Shakeel Manuel

Flinders House Captain                                  Isabella Krbaleski

Flinders House Captain                                  Ross Audley

Hudson House Captain                                  Alana Chopra

Hudson House Captain                                  Alexander Zammit

Molland House Captain                                 Molly Sutton

Molland House Captain                                 Jordan Stewart

Pascoe House Captain                                   Carla Harrison

Pascoe House Captain                                   Navdeep Singh

Strathmore House Captain                            Gabriela Moraes

Strathmore House Captain                           Isaac Zaghis

International Student Liaison Captain          Lisa Li

Sport Captain                                               Olivia Yacono

Sport Captain                                               Aiden Tester

Music Captain                                              Tehya Nguyen

Music Captain                                              John Sirianni

Meg Hansen