IPSHA Leadership Day
9 August 2018

Four of our Junior School captains were invited to attend the IPSHA Leadership Day workshop at the Wheelers Hill Campus of Caulfield Grammar School. This was an exciting opportunity for Grace, Thomas, Emily and Nathan to come together with students from twenty IPSHA primary schools across Victoria.

The purpose of the day was to encourage the students to explore and learn about themselves as a leader and to identify their leadership capabilities. The students were divided into 7 groups, giving them the opportunity to work and collaborate with a range of students from different schools. The day was divided into three sessions.

The first session saw the students explore personal leadership capabilities and the importance of having awareness for those around them. The second session highlighted the roles and responsibilities of leaders, this was demonstrated through team challenges and problem solving tasks. The final session asked the students come up with a service initiative which they could take back to school and implement for the rest of the year.

Our four students participated actively and enthusiastically all day. When asked about their thoughts of the day, their responses included:

“That was great, do you think we can come back next year?” – Emily Bagshaw

“It was good, we made some new friends for the day” – Thomas Xia

“I really enjoyed it. I made some good friends and I loved doing the activities with the other students” – Nathan Hannett

“Today was very inspiring and made me want to do more to help my school” – Grace Simoni

Emma Woodall – Assistant Head of Campus, Verdon Centre