Westbourne Grammar | Principal


Welcome To Westbourne

Leading this active, skilled and caring community of staff and students is a huge privilege.

The Japanese have a saying that leadership is like air – necessary for life but impossible to see or touch. An elusive attribute that inspires, persuades and shows the way, successful leaders are people of integrity and vision. They create and innovate, manage conflict and lead by example.

Westbourne is a school that is well managed and stable, with professionally qualified, dedicated teachers who empower their students and support them to be the best they can be. As educators, our shared purpose is to motivate and inspire, to communicate our vision, to champion and promote change in our classrooms and to plan for the future. We want our students to understand their ability is not fixed but will develop over time when they receive good teaching and when they respond to feedback.

In an era of ever-increasing social, technological and cultural change schools will continue to transform themselves. For our students, their world will be one that is full of promise. Choice and possibility will exist on a scale unprecedented in human history. Globalisation will continue apace and, increasingly, more will be expected of our young people. Because many of them will be working in jobs that do not yet exist, it will be deep level thinking, creativity and imagination that become fundamental skills. Added to that, their ability to make judgements and to use knowledge in new situations will position them for a workplace increasingly focussed on making the most of information rather than just knowing facts

It is in this context that the School’s strong moral purpose, a conviction that every child can succeed, underpins all that we strive to achieve.

Westbourne was founded in 1867 by visionaries with a burning desire to provide a great education for the young people of Melbourne’s west.

In this, our sesquicentennial year, there is much to reflect on and celebrate. In addition to the publication of Community of Believers: Westbourne Grammar School 1867-2017, an exciting program of events will provide opportunities for students, staff, parents, alumni and friends to actively engage with this very significant milestone in our history.

We are enormously proud of our heritage and look forward to welcoming you to our community and sharing our achievements with you.


Meg  Hansen