FOMPA – August Update
9 August 2018

Exciting things are coming up for the Music Faculty at Westbourne Grammar.

It kicks off with the Strings and Piano Festival, Wednesday 15 August 7 pm. Bring your family and friends to join us for the festival. Friends of Music and Performing Arts (FOMPA) will provide refreshments prior to the festival commencing.

The Choral Festival promises to be a musical night on Thursday 6 September at 7pm.  Please bring your family and friends and join the festival. FOMPA will be providing refreshments prior to commencement of festival.

This years Practice-a-thon is gearing up to be a big one this year. It starts on Monday 20 August so all students currently learning a musical instrument can get some friendly music practice rivalry happening with their music peers. It is held over 21 days and ends Sunday 9 September. We look forward to all music students participation in this exciting Practice-a-thon . It is also an opportunity for students to develop effective practice habits.

Lastly it ends with the junior school musical “Bugsy Malone” which will be held on two nights on Wednesday 12 and Thursday 13 September at the School Auditorium. We welcome all family and friends to attend this magical night filled with music, singing and dancing. Friends of Music and Performing Arts (FOMPA) will be providing refreshments throughout the two nights.

Anyone interested in joining FOMPA , please contact Mary Wong or Jacqui Burley for more information by emailing