Piano Concert – May 9
22 May 2018

Our first Piano Concert for 2018 was held on the evening of Wednesday May 9.  This year, due to the large number of participants the concert was held in two venues.  The students of Mr Beckitt, Ms Dickson, and Mr Smith performed in the Auditorium and the students of Mr Cook, Ms Hatton, Ms Hirche, Mrs Lund and Mr Southwood in the James Mitchell Centre.

Both concerts featured piano students from Junior and Senior levels and illustrated their progression and development on the instrument as they advanced through the School.  The students selected for the evening concert presented music from a variety of genres, ranging from classical through to contemporary styles, demonstrating the versatility of the instrument.  A wide variety of repertoire was presented by the students.  The audience was moved by the level of expression demonstrated by each of the students in their performances.  The evening was thoroughly enjoyed by parents and thanks must be extended to the Piano Teachers for preparing the students so well for their performances.


Jason Smith – Head of Keyboard Studies