Selm Exchange Students
23 August 2018

Sophie Godelmann, Nadine Schweißinger and Alina Boettcher from our sister school, the ‘Städtische Gymnasium Selm’ visited our school from 23 July until 23 August. The students were hosted by the following families respectively: Elsie Osborne (10P), Emma Kennedy (10S), Sophie Meath (10M).

The German exchange students presented a speech at assembly and the following to say about their experience:

‘Our sister school is located in the western part of Germany. There are approximately 700 students and 60 teachers at our partner school and the partnership between our schools exists since 1998. Every year up to four students have the chance to spend the summer holidays in Melbourne or in Selm. During this time students stay with their host families and attend school.

Coming to Australia also meant meeting new people and a different culture. Getting to know Melbourne for five weeks is a great experience and an interesting contrast to our own hometown. While being here we have seen many famous places Hosier’s Lane, Federation Square, Melbourne museum and the beach at Williamstown. Despite being different from our hometown we think Melbourne is a wonderful city both to live and to visit as tourists. In addition, we noticed that in Australia in general there are very friendly people, beautiful places and interesting culture.

Moreover, Alina and Nadine had the great chance to go to Sydney. Of course, we saw the Harbour Bridge and the Opera House. This was an amazing trip and it was impressive to see all the people and the sea. All in all, we enjoyed our stay in Melbourne and in Westbourne very much. We had an unforgettable time and we are glad that we were able to experience Australia and this culture. Also, a big thank you to our host families, who did an amazing job making us feel at home.’

Kerstin Keller