Student Learning Council 2018
18 October 2018

My name is Alex Zammit, and I am a member of Westbourne’s new Student Learning Council in the Senior School. This group consists of fifteen students, who all share similar, yet unique beliefs about how Westbourne can further improve their teaching and learning as a community. Being in a positive and eager environment for students to brainstorm and share ideas that can influence how the school progresses is something I wanted to be a part of. Along with all the efforts that I have made to improve the school community, this was an opportunity that I feel Westbourne and I could benefit from. This Council will give everyone involved an opportunity to develop many skills, including leadership, which is vital as half of the council are now moving towards their VCE years of schooling. I look forward to seeing how this group and its work evolves!

Alex Zammit (10H)


I decided to put my hand up for Westbourne’s Student Learning Council in order to provide a voice for my peers. I believe that it is paramount for all students to have a voice when it comes to their learning, and I think that the Learning Council truly is a great way to break down communication barriers between teachers and students, and genuinely share some opinions and conceptions in order to make Westbourne’s learning program the best it has ever been. In our meetings, which occur once or twice a term, we verbalise and express our thoughts and feelings on our learning and give suggestions and feedback on what we personally believe works best and what doesn’t work as well. In our meetings, everyone supports each other, and all opinions and recommendations are taken into consideration. This is an exciting new opportunity for students to be more involved in developing the learning at Westbourne.

Stephanie Murdoch (10M)